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UAB Baltic Wooden Containers was established 27 June, 2008. It is a Norwegian owned company. Our main business concept is to rent and sell wooden containers in Lithuania and the Baltic region. Our containers are produced in Lithuania according to Norwegian requirements for climate and comfort. Today majority of production is exported to Norway. Containers for Lithuanian and Norwegian market are equipped with furniture according to the client needs. Tables, chairs, lockers and other interior equipment is part of our product portfolio. We can also offer steel containers, storage containers on the client request.

Competence and qualifications

UAB Baltic Wooden Containers has all necessary qualifications to help our customers to find the best solutions for all purposes. We know the products and how to achieve optimal results. Our products are updated and ready to meet all demands of today’s market.


BWC is on your side of the table as well. We want to give our customers the best advice to select the right solutions. BWC is not preoccupied only to rent you a container, but on the contrary we want satisfied customers to come back next time they need a container.

Service and personal contact

BWC will always focus on service and personal contact. We are a small company, all customers are important to us. You will always be able to meet/talk to the persons you want.
BWC is highly skilled and we are always available.


Vilnius: +370-620-24520

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